Regular, stat and priority readings

The order of processing patients is not pre-planned. A first-come-first-serve principle is followed.

Turnaround time for regular readings is 24 to 78 hours.

Stat requests have priority over regular transfers. Turnaround time is 2 to 8 hours depending on your location/time zone. Mention emergency or stat when sending the DICOM images.

Emergencies that call for a priority reading have a turnaround time of less than 2 hours. Priority readings are always queued first. Mention prior when sending the DICOM images.

However urgent your request might be, it is always in your own interest to transfer the images as soon as scans or X-rays are available along with detailed patient information and a short history.

Receiving the images and info completes your request, after which it is queued.

Three virtual waiting lines are created: one for priority readings, one for stat requests and one for regular readings.