Kromhout Medical Imaging

Kaatje Kromhout – born and raised in Belgium, Europe – is a doctor in veterinary medicine (DVM, PhD, Cert LAS) with a boundless passion for diagnostic imaging and animal welfare.

It didn’t take long after starting her career at the Department of Morphology, Imaging, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation and Nutrition at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent University in Belgium before clinics worldwide found their way to her personal, fast and reliable teleradiology service.

Currently, Dr. Kromhout is providing her expertise to over 75 veterinary hospitals in the European Union, Norway, the United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand and the United States.

Major veterinary groups like IVC Evidensia and AniCura, as well as Nesto, benefit from her dedication and professionalism.

She intends to keep KROMHOUT MEDICAL IMAGING a small business to keep close contact with colleagues around the world.

Dr. Kromhout highly favors personal interaction with clinicians, not only upon handing over meticulous diagnostic imaging reports, but also when organizing seminars, advanced learning and training sessions, workshops, veterinary proficiency tests and assessments.


Diagnostic Imaging Reports

Dr. Kromhout specializes in reading conventional and cone beam CT images as well as MRI scans and X-rays/DR images.

Reports are clear, all encompassing, detailed and illustrated with additional visualization through 3D volume rendering.

Apart from mainstream readings of cats, dogs and horses, Dr. Kromhout’s boundless ambition has led her to diagnostic imaging of kangaroos, pythons, hedgehogs and tortoises.

Depending on your location/time zone, the turnaround time for regular requests is 24 to 78 hours. Emergency calls take less than 2 (priority) or 8 hours (stat).


Personalized Experience

With different offices in Belgium, Dr. Kromhout operates from the heart of Europe 24/7.

Always on the lookout for new challenges while continuing her work and scientific research at Ghent University, she is excited to work with clinics worldwide.

Let’s join forces to benefit animal health.



Dr. KROMHOUT Kaatje DVM, PhD, Cert LAS


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